1. Check whether the emery cloth wheel is deformed, damp or falling off, and if so, please replace it

2. It is strictly forbidden to hit the abrasive cloth wheel during installation, keep it tight and moderate, and ensure that the angle grinder has a complete protective cover

3. Please wear glasses, masks, gloves and other protective equipment or protective masks, and wear an apron

4. After installation, please idle for 1 minute close to the ground where there is no one.

5. During the grinding operation, please keep the emery cloth wheel and the workpiece processing surface at an inclination angle of 15 degrees to 30 degrees, and it is strictly forbidden to collide with the workpiece or use excessive force

6. Do not exceed the rated number of revolutions of the emery cloth wheel diamond cut off wheel

7. Keep ventilated and dry during storage, and it is strictly forbidden to squeeze and absorb moisture.

Requirements for the use of flat abrasive cloth wheels