What is the appropriate resolution for widescreen?

TVs are commonly widescreen, the history of the development of television sets, you can learn about.

Computer screen

1. ratio of 16:9 23 and 22 (21.5 inches), widescreen LCD monitor with the best resolution of 1920 * 1080.

2.16:10 ratio of 28, 27 and 26 (25.5), 24 inches, 1920 × 1200 is the best resolution of widescreen LCD monitors.

3. 16:10 ratio of 22 (21.6) and 20 (20.1) inches, 1680 × 1050 is the best resolution of widescreen LCD monitors.

4.16:10 ratio of 19 (18.5) and 17 inches, 1440 × 900 is the best resolution of widescreen LCD monitors.

5.16:10 ratio of 14, 13, 12 (12.1) inches: 1280 × 800 is the best resolution for widescreen LCD monitors.

27-inch and 24-inch widescreen is the best resolution of 1920 * 1200.

The best resolution for 13-inch and 14-inch widescreen is 1280*800.

The best resolution for 22-inch widescreen is 1680*1050.

These are factory values, you can count them yourself, you can set them yourself, but it is not recommended to set them yourself, at this resolution, the monitor has the most reasonable point distance and the best display.

How to adjust the widescreen display to normal ratio?

Adjust the resolution to the best state, right click on the desktop, display and adjust the resolution. It depends on the graphics card driver. It is recommended to install the graphics card transfer driver. If your widescreen has a standard screen function, you can adjust it. If it is adjusted, there will be a black border positioned on the side of your screen. Look for the ratio on the menu of your monitor: you can adjust it from 16: 9 to 4: 3.

Widescreen From the late 19th century to the 1950s, the standard picture ratio for almost all movies was 1.33:1 (1.37:1 to be exact. That is, the width of the movie screen was 1.33 times the height. This ratio is sometimes expressed as 4:3, which means that the width is 4 units and the height is 3 units. This is the ratio of all the TV programs we currently receive. Because of this tradition, the current screen ratio of LCD monitors is mainly 4:3.

Screen resolution:

Screen resolution refers to the resolution of the screen display. Screen resolution, measured in horizontal and vertical pixels, determines how much information is displayed on the computer screen setting. When the screen resolution is high (e.g., 1600 x 1200), many pixels are displayed on the screen, but the size is relatively small. When the screen resolution is low (e.g. 640 x 480), fewer pixels are displayed on the screen, but the size is relatively large.

Display resolution is the number of pixels displayed on the screen. A resolution of 160128 means 160 pixels horizontally and 128 pixels vertically. With the same screen size, the higher the resolution, the more detailed the display will be.


Widescreen is characterized by a screen that is significantly wider than it is tall. 16:9 is the international standard for HDTVs, but there are several “variants” of 16:9, such as 15:9 and 17:10, and because they are close to 16:9, these three screen ratios of LCD monitors can be called widescreen. In addition, if there are special ratios, such as 25:9, also considered widescreen.

No one is perfect, the general screen is not perfect, widescreen also has disadvantages.

1. The popular 14.1-inch widescreen width and 15-inch ordinary screen, can not be called “portable”, just to reduce costs, the screen becomes a little shorter.

2. 14 point 1 inch widescreen font is small, about 70% of the 15-inch ordinary screen, not suitable for vision and long-term office.

3. 05 years ago, the game support is not good, the screen was crushed deformation.