With the continuous development of electronic information technology, a variety of electronic devices filled in our lives, our lives are increasingly inseparable from electronic devices.

Do you know what electronic equipment includes?

In fact, it mainly includes computers, cell phones, cell phone air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, printers, fax machines, all-in-one machines, etc..

How much do you know about the history of the development of electronic equipment?

Although today’s electronic products may be smart and attractive, but for historians, they are only the fifth stage in the development of two basic ideas must pass: electromagnetic radiation, whose theory was developed by James Clerk Maxwell in the 1860s, and the miniaturization of its application manufacturing follows the arguments of Richard Feynman in 1959, and its bottleneck is still far away.

The second stage 1879 Hughes received invisible signals, which were not published, and in 1883 Edison patented to show the conductivity of a continuous current through a high vacuum. The third stage of electronic equipment development began with the first broadcast in history, completed by Oliver Lodge and Alexander Popov in 1894 and 1895, followed by the first transatlantic transmission by Marconi in 1901; the first long distance transmission of voice and music by Reginald in 1906; also included the invention of the vacuum tube, in 1904 John A. Fleming invented the diode, Greenleaf-Picard in 1906 invented the point contact diode and Lee De Forest’s triode in 1907. What are the electronic devices included? The fourth phase was opened by solid state software, this phase was driven by Bell Labs, Intel played an indelible role. The fifth stage of research microprocessors in mobile communications proliferation, community forums received a large number of young people’s favorite.

In the future, the development of electronic devices will only become more and more developed, more and more perfect, electronic devices will also bring more and more convenience to our lives, of course, our lives can not be too dependent on electronic devices, can not always take the phone, addicted to electronic devices and thus disrupt their lives.

When we walk on the street and holding a cell phone in the hands of dull-looking people passing by, their eyes seem to be only cell phones, immersed in their own world.

Knowing what electronic devices include? We should also know that although the development and innovation of Apple phone, Nokia, Samsung to our admiration, but we can not forget the powerful high-level lay behind them, can not forget the great scientists who contributed to electronic devices.