Business has always been the most popular major for studying abroad.

But which major in business should I apply for? Many students are confused. In particular, some students who plan to apply for business majors across majors think that the knowledge in business majors is similar. Some students even simply and crudely believe that those who are good at mathematics should study financial accounting, and those who are not good at mathematics should study management. As a result, after entering the major, I found that it was not the case at all.

Today, we will introduce you to the four major business majors in as plain and understandable language as possible. What are the differences in terms of study content and future job search directions~

Finance Finance

Keywords: investment trade inflation macroeconomics

Finance is actually closely related to accounting, but finance is more theoretical and involves a lot of knowledge, covering trade, mathematics, stock trends, investment and other seemingly high-end terms.

Those economists you see on TV who can change the trend of the market with just a few clicks of their fingers, use their ingenuity on countless “line charts”, and study the global macro market, are the embodiment of finance’s sophistication.

Many students will choose to take the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exam after going abroad, which requires strong theoretical knowledge and mathematical foundation and is a symbol of professional financial coders.

Management Management

Keywords: plan team enterprise

There are many types of management, covering almost all business subjects, such as project management, financial management, market management, etc.

The main content of the study is how to improve managers’ ability to allocate human, financial and material resources under limited conditions.

Management is relatively simple among business majors because it is more practical. In class, the teacher will list many examples for analysis, which is much more fun than rigid concepts.

As the saying goes, there are specializations in academia, and there are many branches of management. Each category has a different setting and represents various departments of a large company. The supervisors we see on TV holding a stack of documents, standing in front of the table, asking subordinates to report tasks, and then summarizing and continuing to assign tasks are the management personnel we see.

Marketing Marketing

Keywords: product brand research media sales

Many people think that marketing means discounts, promotions, promotions, etc. that we see, but it is not the case. Advertising, product development, market research, target market launch, these are all marketing.

To put it simply, it is how to make products stand out and meet consumer needs in a changing market environment. In other words, management faces corporate employees, while marketing faces products and consumers.

Because method (Idea) is the key to marketing, it requires a flexible mind and endless ideas. The person in charge of Greater China, marketing department director, and sales manager of xx company we saw are all positions in the marketing category this time.


Keywords: calculation financial statements tax rate

Accounting is actually a more practical form of finance.

Compared with the more advanced finance, accounting needs to deal with complex mathematical formulas and many numbers in various cases. There will also be many cases during the learning process, so that you will have richer experience in future work.

Of course, the most important thing in accounting is “calculation”. Only through constant calculation can you become proficient in the huge accounting formula system.

Accounting is also what we come into contact with the most in our lives. Accounting and finance are the main positions in accounting. The ACCA (International Certified Public Accountant) certificate is probably the dream of every professional accountant. You can pass it by completing 14 exams within 7 years. However, because ACCA is difficult and all exam questions are in English, there is currently a huge demand gap in the country.

Therefore, when choosing a major, you must think about whether your thinking is practical or theoretical, and then choose a direction that interests you.